'Waved sword and used abusive language,' Akbar created ruckus in school

Araria: In a school in Bhagwanpur Panchayat in the Araria district of Bihar, on Tuesday (July 5, 2022), a man wearing only a lungi, waving a sword, reached the school after not receiving the amount of dress and book. Not only this but waving the sword started abusing the headmaster of the school and threatening to cut him off with the sword. This incident happened when the teachers were teaching the children in the school. The matter came to notice when a video of this strange panic-filled incident has gone viral on social media. 

In a report received, it is claimed that Akbar's children study in that school. But till now his child has not received the amount of book and dress. Because of this, Akbar reached the school with a sword in anger and started threatening to kill the teachers by abusing them. Akbar did not stop here, but threatened the teachers and said that his child needs money within 24 hours. In this case, the teachers of the school say that Akbar was demanding money from the teachers. Here the headmaster of the school, Mohammad Jahangir Alam, has informed the BEO of Jokihat on the phone about the whole incident.

At the same time, according to another media report, the incident seems to be of extortion. In this case, while filing a complaint against Akbar, Headmaster Mohammad Jahangir Alam has written that a person named Akbar, who lives next to the school, has been abusing the teachers of the school since about 1 year ago and the goods of mid-day meal, money- The emphasis of giving money has been demanding on the strength of coercion. He has also accused Akbar of stealing school goods and selling them in the market. On the other hand, the Jokihat police station has said that a written complaint has been received from the school and the viral video is also being investigated. Appropriate action will be taken after investigation of the matter.

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