'Today UP is looking behind in every figure,' says Akhilesh Yadav at Lucknow rally

In Uttar Pradesh, assembly elections are coming soon. Campaigning seems to be gaining momentum even before the election dates are announced. Amidst all this, SP supremo Akhilesh Yadav has arrived in Lucknow today to hold a rally. Yes, and in the meantime, he has hit out at the BJP. During this, he said, 'The place from which we are going to start our Vijay Rath Yatra. This place is where once there was a forest, there was little dairy work. Chakgajaria made in the SP government is an example not only for Lucknow but for the country.'

During this, the former CM said that 'Business should have been encouraged, business is also not growing at that pace today. Due to which inflation and unemployment have also increased today.' Along with this, he also said that 'If you look at any figure, today UP is seeable behind in every figure. In such a situation, whether it is health statistics, your Uttar Pradesh is looking far behind in the country.' Apart from this, where it should have moved ahead in the field of education, UP is not moving forward but is moving backwards.

He further said- 'In a span of more than four and a half years, the people of Uttar Pradesh have got misery, trouble and hazard, where development should have taken place. Today development seems to have come to a complete standstill. Development is not progressing ahead.' With this, he said- 'Business should have been promoted. Business is also not able to grow at that pace, due to which inflation has also increased today. Unemployment has also increased. If you look at any figures, today UP is showing backwards in every figure.'

He also said, "All these buildings belong to our government. They are also enemies of minorities. If anyone has abolished the Anglo-Indian reservation, it is the BJP. Earlier, these people had gone to the wrong Jain's place and then went and raided to escape their notoriety. Kanpur's money belonged to the BJP. The money that came out of the walls belonged to the BJP. The money counted was also from the BJP.'

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