Former IPS Asim Arun joined BJP, Akhilesh Yadav taunts

Kanpur: Akhilesh Yadav's big statement has come to light after Kanpur Police Commissioner Asim Arun joined BJP. Akhilesh has said what kind of people were hiding in uniform. Akhilesh said did you forget the panchayat elections? I had said even then that the district captain and officers were contesting together. After joining BJP on Sunday, Asim Arun had said that there were calls in previous governments to release the mafia.

Asim Arun said that He was coming up with the views of the party. I did not get a call from the BJP office for a single goon in Yogi Raj. I am happy, satisfied, I have got the opportunity to public service. It is a divine structure that a top leadership imagines about a cop. Arun said the decision to come to Saheb was not simple. He discussed with the family that on the one hand there is a job and on the other hand, there is an opportunity to do public service. I will try to work according to the opportunity I have got.

He also said that there was never a call from the BJP office or any leader, minister to give up, to give laxity to anyone. I was the ATS chief, then I arrested a lot of culprits. I am associated with the village and my family continuously does social work in my village. He said that a lot of work is yet to be done for the deprived, Dalit honour. If I contribute to it, I will consider myself fortunate.

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