This video is funny as well as enlightening

Sep 13 2020 04:29 PM
This video is funny as well as enlightening

Now a video on social media is going viral, after seeing which you will hardly be able to control your laughter. This video is really not only funny but also enlightening. This video is one year old, but the dialogue of this video is still a source of inspiration for the youth. It is seen clearly in the video that Babson college has a grand ceremony on the 100th anniversary. In this mega program, eminent personalities from all over the world have been summoned.

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While Toyota owner Akio Toyota is also present. Speaking on the occasion, he addressed the graduate students and said that you are concerned after getting the degree as to what will happen next? Where will you get a job? But let me tell you that you need not think and worry that you will give everyone a Toyota job. However, he has not spoken to HR for this, but he will be accepted. He then said that I wish to be a taxi driver and then started making taxis. Finally, he congratulated everyone.

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The same video was retweeted by Indian Forest Forest Officer Sushant Nanda on social media Twitter. In its caption, he wrote: "This type of guest is required to come to every program." More than 1 lakh 25 thousand people have watched the video of Sushant Nanda till the news was written, and about 10,000 persons have been liked and 3,000 persons have retweeted the video. While hundreds of individuals have made comments, they have praised Akio Toyoda a lot.

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