Akshay Kumar is very happy after giving donation, PM Modi also praises

Mar 30 2020 11:30 AM
Akshay Kumar is very happy after giving donation, PM Modi also praises

At this time the danger of corona is all around and everyone is upset with its havoc. Day laborers are suffering the most, who do not have a single rupee. Many Bollywood celebs have come forward to help them, but the first name of these is Akshay Kumar. To win this battle, Akshay donated Rs 25 crore to the PM Cares Fund. After this news, people all over the world are praising him along with PM Modi. After donating this amount, he recently gave an interview in which he once again expressed his love for India. He recently said in an interview given to a website that, 'This contribution is not to India, but to Mother India on behalf of her mother'.

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He further said, "Who am I to give charity or donation? Secondly, we call our country as Mother India. This contribution of mine is not actually mine. This is from my mother to Mother India. We call our country Bharat Maa, therefore this contribution is not mine but it is my mother's contribution for my motherland, Bharat Maa '. While amplifying the matter, he said, 'It is very important that I refer my mother here. Because there is a fear all over the world that this virus is very dangerous for senior citizens. My mother's life is important, your parents' lives are important. So we have to do something for those senior citizens of the country. It doesn't matter who we are. In this difficult time, one must try to save lives. I have paid a small duty for myself by donating 25 crores."

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Welcoming this step of Akshay, the Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi retweeted Akshay's tweet and he said, 'Very good @akshaykumar, everyone keep donating for a healthy India'. After Akshay, many big stars have donated till now.

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