Akshay Kumar on Sajid Khan row:"Harassment should be heard and survivors given the justice they deserve"

Akshay Kumar on Sajid Khan row:

MeToo movement which turned India as Wetoo after several odd revelations about the prominent celebs Of B-town who has been accused for sexual harassment has inspired women to open up about the eve- teasing. This time Sajid Khan, director of Houseful was accused of sexual harassment last evening on the social media by three women including a journalist.

Akshay Kumar who shares a long association with Sajid took a stand on this and cancelled the shoot of Houseful 4 where he was again working with Sajid.

He has shared a statement on micro-blogging website Twitter as saying, "I've just landed back in the country last night and reading all the news has been very disturbing. I have requested the producers of Housefull 4 to cancel the shoot until further investigation. This is something that requires stringent action. I will not work with any proven offenders and all those who have been subjugated to harassment should be heard and given the justice they deserve."

Take a look at Akshay’s tweet here.

Earlier His better half and actor-turned-columnist Twinkle Khanna also took to Twitter and said that she is appalled at the allegations being made and want the Houseful team to take a action on this as saying "Appalled hearing multiple incidents of harassment and it is truly horrific to hear what these women have been through. Everyone involved in Housefull needs to take a fiancee stance on this issue. This cannot go on”.

Well like Amir Khan, Akshay Kumar who has the well reputation in the entertainment industry, must be appreciated by fans to take a strong move.



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