Al Pacino was spotted socialising with his ex-girlfriend Beverly D'Angelo.
Al Pacino was spotted socialising with his ex-girlfriend Beverly D'Angelo.

The internet was agitated by AI Pacino becoming a parent at 83. His fourth pregnancy with his 29-year-old partner made headlines throughout the internet. The Hollywood great best known for his appearances in noir crime flicks like "The Godfather" trilogy, "Serpico," "Scarface," and "The Irishman" is currently spending time with his ex-girlfriend BeverlyD'Angelo(71),despite the pregnancy announcement of his 29-year-old fiancée Noor Alfallah.

Al Pacino initially addressed Noor's pregnancy rumors a week prior when he stated in a video message that he felt "really special" about them. It was previously stated that the Godfather star 'demanded a pre-natal DNA test' after learning of Noor's pregnancy. For the first 11 weeks of her pregnancy, Noor allegedly didn't even tell Al Pacino that she was expecting since she knew he didn't want any more children. Al Pacino's children were believed to be quite distressed by the news, according to the story.

When Noor's pregnancy rumours first surfaced a week ago, Al Pacino addressed them by saying in a video message that he felt "really special" about them. After learning about Noor's pregnancy, the Godfather actor allegedly "demanded a pre-natal DNA test." Noor is said to have kept her pregnancy a secret from Al Pacino for the first 11 weeks since she knew he didn't want any more kids. According to the narrative, Al Pacino's kids were said to be quite shocked by the news.

Al Pacino wore an all-black outfit for the family outing, including black trousers, a V-neck shirt and a black sports jacket, which he further complemented with a scarf around his neck. The couple, according to a source, could not be "happier" about the pregnancy, even if they acknowledged that it had come as a "surprise".

Any rumours that "Noor had kept Al in the dark about the pregnancy - and slammed the suggestion that the Sony executive is dating her older beau for money," according to an inside source who broke the story, were knocked down.." also added that she's wanted to have a baby for years and Al could not be happier. "He loves Noor and the feeling is mutual," the friend of the couple explained.

Noor has worked hard to build her own riches in addition to coming from a very affluent family. But according to allegations that have subsequently surfaced, the actor wanted a pre-natal DNA test because he refused to accept that he could "impregnate anybody," just learned of the pregnancy two months ago, and thought his relationship with Noor was "long over."

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