AL Vijay and Amala Paul are officially granted divorce

Filmmaker AL Vijay got married to actress Amala Paul in 2014. But after a year around rumors of a divorce began to surface.
The revelation made by Amala's friend, "Amala and Vijay had no differences between them; it's the pressure from Vijay's family that led to their split. Since his parents were against Amala acting in films after marriage, she decided to take a break from commercial films. However, she had to finish shooting for the three films that she had signed before her marriage. Vijay was quite supportive and even when there were rumors linking Amala with certain superstars, he didn't let any of that affect their relationship. He always gave her the respect she deserves, both, as a wife and an actor. But his family constantly nagged her with incriminating questions about her career and personal life. Vijay was aware of this but he was helpless on many occasions. Since there seemed to be no other solution in sight, they both decided to go for a divorce."
The couple is officially granted the divorce after two years of filing the divorce in Chennai district family court.
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