'Alcohol' - a health boost or a health risk?
'Alcohol' - a health boost or a health risk?

Alcohol is becoming a fashion trend or we can say, a classy drink in today's high society, which has several good as well as bad effects.

The Good of Alcohol

A moderate amount of alcohol can lower a person’s danger in developing cardiovascular diseases, dementia and diabetes. Alcohol is said to increase the level of good cholesterol. It also decreases stress cells in the brain. Alcohol prevents one from catching a cold, it is said that 8-14 glasses of wine a week could decrease the risk of catching a cold because of the antioxidant properties present in wines. It is found that alcohol can make a person live longer. It decreases death risk by 18%, but of course the intake must be in moderation.

The Bad of Alcohol

There is no doubt that too much alcohol in the body can cause health risk. It affects several systems in the body and the most dangerous is the brain. Over drinking can cause high blood pressure, stroke and other heart related problems. Heavy alcohol intake can damage the liver. Another danger of drinking alcohol is the possibility of developing cancer. Alcohol is a depressant. It makes people sad overtime, when depressed people can do some rather unfortunate things to themselves. These are only few of the health risks of what alcohol can do to a person’s body. Some of them may not even be discovered yet.

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