Young man climbed water tank being drunk and demands people to call his wife
Young man climbed water tank being drunk and demands people to call his wife

A case has come to fore recently. In this case, a young man climbed a water tank being drunk in the Bannadevi area, near the office of the fire brigade. It is being told that he took off half of his clothes and started making a ruckus, demanding to call his wife and threatening to jump from the tank if not called. At the same time, the police reached the spot after knowing all this and explained to him a lot and after that, the police brought him down.

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According to the information received in this case, Mohammad Younis alias Mosquito, a resident of village Millik, being drunk climbed on a water tank located in tehsil and started demanding from the people to call his wife. After that, he also took off his shirt and sweater but on the spot, some people of his village also reached the police station and told the police that Younis's wife had gone away leaving her three children a few months back in a family feud. He further told that a few days ago he beat up his wife after which the police caught her and sent him to jail in breach of peace.

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In this case, the wife says that the husband beat her every day and due to this she does not want to live with him. Now, in this case, the police took the young man to the police station and the SSI said, "The youth is addicted to drugs. Used to beat his wife. So she is gone. The young man has been sent to jail many times in the past. This time, arrangements are being made to send him to the rehabilitation center.

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