All roads to Amaravati closed

Vijayawada: Hundreds of policemen were deployed on the routes connecting Vijayawada, Amaravati and Tadepalli on Sunday in the wake of completion of 600 days of agitation for Capital Amaravati. The police took all measures to check the protests of farmers who are demanding continuation of Amaravati as only capital of the state. The police checked the vehicles passing towards the capital Amaravati. They questioned the people going towards Amaravati about their purpose of going there and other details.

The police kept vigil since morning on the autos, cars, two-wheelers and other vehicles and erected barricades at various locations expecting protests in capital villages.It may be recalled here that the farmers and other people in the capital villages of Amaravati had been continuing the fight for 600 days opposing the shifting of capital from Amaravati to Vizag.

The state government had proposed three capitals-- executive capital at Vizag, judicial capital at Kurnool and legislative capital in Amaravati. But the farmers and other villagers are demanding that the executive capital should be continued at Amaravati only. Farmers had conducted a series of meetings, protests and other programmes opposing the shifting of capital. Various people's organisations and the opposition parties-- the CPI, the CPM, the Congress and the TDP-- are opposing the three capital formula and insisting that the administrative capital should be continued at Amaravati only.


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