All you need to know about EPF withdrawal and PF withdrawal form?

Sep 06 2019 03:57 PM
All you need to know about EPF withdrawal and PF withdrawal form?

There are different types of retirement policies available throughout India. PF or EPF is one such policy. It is widely praised. This kind of retirement policy is even used in the government sector. Even though their employment sector follows PF or EPF withdrawal policy people have only
less knowledge about the way they can withdraw this fund, how to fill PF withdrawal form etc.This awareness results in a lot of confusion and difficulties. this article is planned to clear all your quarries about EPF withdrawal and PF withdrawal form.

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PF or EPF withdrawal

PF ( Provident Fund ) or EPF is additionally referred to as the worker Provident Fund theme.It is one where the employees contribute a small portion of their basic pay and a matching amount is contributed by the employer. Such a contribution, together, form a corpus. This is to be used to fund the employee’s retirement. But EPF withdrawal by staff can be done earlier itself, during the course of their employment.

Who can do EPF withdrawal?

Having funds at EPF does not automatically qualify you for EPF withdrawal. You must meet other conditions as well.
One of these is that you simply should not be in any employment; you want to have resigned
from your previous working place a minimum of 2 months from the date of withdrawal
Secondly, you and therefore the leader should make sure that you simply have left work.You must also present a canceled bank account check.
The procedure of EPF Withdrawal
In the actual sense, withdrawal is not an online process.
The existing technology, the necessary bureaucracies, as well as security considerations, make it
difficult to run the procedure exclusively online.
Right now, it's solely possible to try and do online PF transfers.
The company's are making efforts to make sure  that soon everyone will be able to carry out PF
withdrawal entirely online.

1. Get the PF withdrawal form.
Also referred to as form nineteen, you can acquire this from an employer
2. Fill up the PF form, make one or more copies, and keep them for reference.
3. Forward the PF form to your previous employer so that they can fill it and return it to
4. Attach all the necessary documents. Use the checklist that comes with the downloaded PF
form. to confirm that all the documents are in place.
5. Forward these to your regional office.

PF withdrawal Forms:
PF withdrawal forms are classified into 3 types depending on the requirement.
* EPF Claim Form
* EPF Registration Form
* EPF Return Form
EPF Claim Form: EPF Claim form is applicable for claiming EPF final claiming, EPF Partial
Withdrawal and EPS withdrawal.
EPF Registration Form: EPF Registration Form is used for allotment Provident Fund code
EPF Withdrawal Online Process:
Visit the EPFO official portal.
Select the EPFO member’s portal.
Login to the EPFO member’s portal by exploitation your UAN range and password.

Click the web services choice form the menu.
Online services window are displayed currently choose the Claim choice type the most menu.

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The Pf claim window will be displayed with your personal details.
Before proceeding, verify your personal and KYC details.
After the verification click on the Proceed for on-line claim possibility.
Now choose the claimed choice whether or not it's partial withdrawal or full withdrawal from the
 After selecting the claim option if you are eligible for the claim then an online PF withdrawal
form will be displayed.
Now complete {the online|the web|the net} form and submit it to say the PF online.
So we believe that most of your confusion about PF withdrawal and EPF form is Rectified.

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