Allegations of Government Failure: Over 21,000 Unemployed Suicides in Andhra Pradesh
Allegations of Government Failure: Over 21,000 Unemployed Suicides in Andhra Pradesh

Guntur: Andhra Pradesh Congress chief YS Sharmila raised concerns about rising unemployment in Andhra Pradesh, alleging that over 21,000 unemployed individuals have died by suicide in the state. She criticized the government for its failure to address the issue, pointing out that many unemployed individuals, including graduates and post-graduates, struggle to find decent-paying jobs.

Sharmila highlighted the large number of vacant government positions, which were not filled even after the end of Chandrababu Naidu's tenure. She questioned why the Jagan government has not taken steps to fill these vacancies and fulfill its promises of creating new job opportunities. Despite the government's pledges to fill 2.30 lakh government jobs and issue job calendars annually, Sharmila noted that these promises remain unfulfilled after five years in power. She criticized the government's decision to issue a notification for only 6,000 teacher posts, labeling it as an election gimmick.

Drawing parallels between Jagan Reddy and Kumbakarna, Sharmila questioned the government's lack of action on the unemployment issue over the past five years. She criticized the government for only fulfilling 1.20 lakh positions, mainly through government volunteer roles, and absorbing an additional 50,000 Road Transport Corporation employees into the government sector.

Sharmila expressed concern for the students and job seekers who have invested time and money preparing for government exams, only to face disappointment due to the lack of job opportunities. Furthermore, she alleged that the YSR Congress Party government has been arresting and detaining Congress workers ahead of the 'Chalo Secretariat' march.

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