Aloe vera will remove hair from the face, use it with this thing

To enhance the beauty of women, They do various things. Their beauty is clearly visible on their faces. However, if the hair starts coming on the same face, then they start getting upset. In today's time, women do many things to remove facial hair and apply many creams, although this makes the face worse. But today we are going to tell you two face packs by applying which you can get rid of facial hair.

Apply a face pack of turmeric and aloe vera- You can apply a mixture made of turmeric and aloe vera to the hair present on the face to remove unwanted hair from the face. Yes, that's because both of these things will also help to remove hair from your face. To use it, add 2 teaspoons of turmeric to a bowl and add aloe vera gel to it. Now mix both the things well and prepare a pack. Apply this pack to the hairy area and after drying wash the face. By using this face pack, the growth of hair on your face will start decreasing.

Apply a face pack of walnuts and honey- Walnuts and honey will also be best at removing hair from your face. To make this pack, you can prepare a thick powder by grinding the walnut peels in a mixie. After that, add honey to it and apply the paste to the hairy area and massage it with light hands. After about 15-20 minutes, wash your face with water.

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