Amazing! 'Alta Phoring' outperforms 'Khukumoni Home Delivery' on TRP charts

The new TRP report shows some noteworthy changes in the rankings of Bengali television shows. While 'Mithai' is at the top of the TRP ratings and 'Uma' is in second place, the newly introduced 'Alta Phoring' has dazzled viewers in its first week.

In its first week, the film Phoring, about a brilliant gymnast and her mom set in rural Bengal, came in third. Arnab Banerjee and Kalyani Mondal play the key parts in the programme. Kalyani is, in fact, a trained gymnast in real life. In the episode, Shaoli Chattopadhyay portrays Phoring's reel mother. Arnab, who previously appeared in 'Sreemoyee,' plays the male lead in 'Alta Phoring.' Surprisingly, it has outperformed another popular Bengali TV programme, 'Khukumoni Home Delivery.'

In terms of TRP, rowdy bahu Khukumoni was unable to cast her spell and fell to fourth place this week. The current track has new bahu Khukumoni putting things right at her in-laws' house and giving Saasu Maa Nipa and her Bihan's step brother Palash a lesson.

This week's fifth place winner is 'Dhulokona,' which tells the narrative of two people who are connected to the earth. Indrasish Roy and Manali Manisha Dey play the key roles in this show. Interestingly, the Gourab Roy Chowdhury-starrer 'Pilu,' which was just released, has done well as well, despite not yet making the top five.

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