Always keep these things in mind while using lenses

Jul 10 2019 09:11 PM
Always keep these things in mind while using lenses

Nowadays people use lenses to show their eyes beautiful or if the eyes are weak. Lenses make many of you beautiful, but you also have to take some precautions to apply them. Sometimes dust-dust damages the lens. It is important to take special care of its maintenance or else you may have an infection in your eyes. If you also look at lenses, find out what the methods are.

Do not use in itching or infection
Always apply lenses in healthy eyes. Do not use contact lenses even if there is itching irritation or infection in the eyes.

Hand Clean
Before applying contact lenses, wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Do not wipe your hands with a robbed towel, as these cries can go into the eye and cause damage while lensing.

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Before Makeup
Applying lenses after makeup can cause trouble if the traces of cosmetics go into the eye.

Use Pencil Eyeliner
The lens that women apply should use pencil eyeliner. Avoid using it in the interiors of the eye.

Remove lens before removing makeup
Remove the contact lens before removing the makeup. Never sleep with a lens. Remove it from your eyes and place it safely in the box before going to bed.

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