Amazing amazing! When a dog started playing with a statue as a human, see what happened next in the video
Amazing amazing! When a dog started playing with a statue as a human, see what happened next in the video

Just as humans love to jump and live with animals, in the same way animals also have a lot of fun in which many times. Especially regarding dogs, there can be no other animal bigger than him. You get to see many such videos on social media, in which dogs are seen playing with fun. Many times he is seen having fun with his caretaker, there are many dogs who start playing on their own. Although if someone is together, then the fun of playing them increases even more. A similar video is becoming increasingly viral on social media these days, in which a dog mistook the statue as a real person and tries to play with it.

In the video you can see that the dog is standing in the forest and a human statue is visible in front of it. Now the dog thinks that he is a human, so he picks up a wood to play with him and puts it near his feet and backs away and starts looking at the statue. When he feels that the statue is not lifting the wood, he again goes there and once again puts the wood near the feet of the statue again and again. He does this many times, but the statue would have been a living person after all, then he keeps playing with him.

Let us tell that this video of just 21 seconds has been viewed more than 2 lakh 67 thousand so far, while more than 18 thousand people are also liking the video. At the same time, many people are also engaged in making funny comments after watching the video. One user jokingly wrote, 'But what if the dog is actually looking at 'someone' over there while we are laughing here'. Similarly, another user has commented, 'Maybe he throws the statue at night or when no one is making a video. The dog is not mindless. There is definitely more to it.'


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