Amazon delivers condom instead of a video game, apologizes

Dec 07 2019 02:39 PM
Amazon delivers condom instead of a video game, apologizes

London: Giant e-commerce company Amazon has apologized to its buyers for delivering condoms and random items such as toothbrushes and tambourines in exchange for a 300 pound Nintendo Switch (video game). The company has apologized to its customer after this mistake on Friday. About a dozen customers who shopped online complained to the company expressing disappointment over it.

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After which the company has promised to return the money to the customers, some of whom were angry because they had ordered on Black Friday, but now they have to pay the full price. According to The Daily Mirror's Thursday report, Viv Johnson of Staffordshire Tutbury received a copy of David Walliot's latest book, 'The Beast of Buckingham Palace', which was contained within the cardboard packing.

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Johnson reportedly shared a photo of Amazon's package on social media and wrote, "I want my money back. You made the delivery and refused to take back the parcel, which was broken." Meanwhile, Amazon has started an investigation for this big mistake and has also apologized to the customers.

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