Amazon giving plastic buckets worth Rs 35,900, discussion on social media

Nowadays there is a trend of ordering goods online and people like to order everything online. Yes because people live in the desire to get everything sitting at home. In such a situation, there are many such websites in today's time, from where people are asking for any goods sitting at home. By the way, the biggest advantage of this is that you do not need to go anywhere or roam from shop to shop, rather select the thing of your choice from thousands and millions of items and order. Yes and in a day or two, that item will reach your home.

By the way, the advantage of buying goods online is also that you get many things cheaper than other places. However, something surprising has happened recently. In fact, there is a lot of discussion about a bucket these days on the online shopping site Amazon. That is because the price of the bucket has been kept so high that people get sleepless just by thinking of it. Actually, recently a red colored plastic bucket was put up for sale on this website, whose price was not two-four hundred but 26 thousand rupees. Yes and it is being said that the original price of this bucket was kept at Rs 35,900, but a discount of 28 percent was being given on it, then its price reached Rs 25,999.

Yes, and the more surprising thing was that EMI facility was also given to buy the bucket. Under EMI, the buyer of the bucket would have to pay Rs 1,224 per month. Now you will say what is this thing and after all what is it in the bucket that its price was kept so high? So no one has the answer to your question. At this time, this bucket is moving fast and the person who is looking at this bucket is blown away.

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