Amber Heard Spotted With Friend Who Was Barred From the defamation trial

Last week Amber Heard was spotted in Israel, dining at a Tel Aviv cafe with one of her staunchest supporters, journalist Eve Barlow, who was barred from testifying in the Johnny Depp defamation trial. According to Fox News, the 36-year-old actor was with Barlow on Aug. 1 sitting at a table outside. After Depp's attorneys discovered Barlow tweeting and texting from the front row, which is reserved for attorneys, in the Fairfax, Virginia courtroom in April, for which Barlow was expelled.

As a result of Barlow disobeying a court order banning phone use, the Pirates of the Caribbean star's attorneys were successful in their motion to have Barlow permanently removed from the case. However, during the Fairfax County Circuit Court trial, Barlow continued to tweet unceasing messages of support for Heard outside of the courtroom.

The former deputy editor of the revered music publication NME and a contributor to New York magazine has denounced Depp supporters as misogynists and abusers. Online, Barlow has been viciously attacked by Depp backers.

In other news, Johnny Depp is appealing part of the verdict in his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard"Now I will dip my big toe into the . cesspool of Johnny vs. Amber squabble and lay out a couple of facts in Amber's favor," he wrote in a Facebook post. "She is a strong supporter of Israel, Jews and Israel's cause...And expresses it by wearing a gold Jewish star around her neck."

He praised Heard's parenting and called her a "modest, polite, friendly, inquisitive self-effacing customer with high literary tastes." Since her memorable court case, Heard has kept a low profile.

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