Meet Real Influencer of India - Ambika Lal
Meet Real Influencer of India - Ambika Lal

Influencers in social media are the people who had built their reputation because of their knowledge and expertise on a particular niche.

They make regular posts about some topics on their Instagram and other channels. By doing this, they get a large number of followers. Brands love social media influencers because they can create trends and encourage influencers fans too but their products.

We are finding so many profiles on social media platforms from worldwide who are doing exceptionally well in their life. They set an example to society in things like Lifestyle, Dressing, Social work, travel and all.

As we are talking about Influencer, we generally see western world, people have more tags with them. Well, India too is not far behind in giving authentic influencers. We found one profile which comes in the list of Micro-Influencer. She is a girl who is young, smart, fashion Icon, Lawyer, speaker and the list go on and on.

Ambika Lal, a girl from Kolkata born in Delhi, is a remarkable talent. When you see her profile, you feel how she manages so many things in one life. I mean we are not able to do one work in a day, and Ambika is pulling off multiple things. She is just excellent and mastered herself in many situations, which have made her India's youngest and top Influencer on Instagram.

Now, what are the qualities because of which people are so Ga Ga on her. Well, the list is long, but still, we will write a few of her exceptional qualities.

Fashionista: Ambika Lal is a fashion Icon. Her designed clothes are trending top in the fashion world. She manages herself beautifully. Recently she stunned everyone in Lakme fashion week 2019 with her designs. Ambika Lal is a diva. She too is no lesser than a model, she has the looks and style, and her designs are for all seasons.

Lawyer: This beauty queen is a lawyer too. What? I can understand the reader's reaction. Shocked NAA! Yes, she is a renowned lawyer of India she has worked for India's top firms like "Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A. Shroff & Co" and "Khaitan & Co". She is now experienced lawyer too with her practice. Her name is taken with respect in Lawyers world.

Makeup artist and motivation speaker: She paints the face of the models, Brides, B-town actors with her classic touch. She has a fantastic sense of beauty. Her new and trending makeup skills are making her top name in the beauty world.

She is also a motivational speaker, Ambika has shared her learning experience and her knowledge in top places like Birla, JLL India, Law Schools and Universities. Aah! Feel jealous, how can someone be so perfect and skilful in every field.

Ambika is hugely famous on Instagram, why not when you are blessed with so many things in one life you deserve to be at the top in social media. Here's wishing rockstar girl Ambika Lal all the best for her fabulous future, we hope her every dream come true in her life.

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