Only 100 nuclear missiles can kill two billion people

According to a report recently published in the journal Safety of Michigan Tech University and Tennessee State University scientists Joshua M. Pearce and David C. Denkeberger, if nuclear war were to occur, only 100 of the 13,865 nuclear weapons in the world were nuclear missiles to half the world. There will be enough to destroy. Half of the world's ozone layer will be wasted, half of the world will end the winter-summer season. The traces of vegetation and trees will disappear. Two billion people of the world will be killed by hunger, radiation and heat.

For your information, let us tell you that it will also have an effect on medical supplies. The level of pollution will increase. Psychological stress will increase. Skin cancer rates will also increase due to increased UV radiation along with diseases and epidemics. According to the report, six out of nine nuclear-rich countries will self-destruct if they launch a hundred missiles. India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, North Korea, Israel and China will lose half of their population due to starvation.

Seven trillion grams of ash emitted from the explosion of these missiles will spread in the atmosphere and cover the sun. Due to this, 20 percent of the sun's rays will not be able to reach the earth and the temperature of the earth will be reduced so much that the earth has not experienced in the last 1000 years. 

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