America made medicine with the antibodies of a patient recovered from corona
America made medicine with the antibodies of a patient recovered from corona

New Delhi: Eli Lilly and Company of America has announced that they have made the drug from a blood sample of a patient who has been cured of Corona virus. This drug has now started testing on humans. The American pharmaceutical company said that the corona patient has been given a dose of the world's first antibody-ready drug.

This drug is named 'LY-CoV555'. It is co-produced by Lily and now Sellera Biology Company. Earlier in March, the Lily Company had signed a contract with Sellera to manufacture medicines for the elimination of the corona virus with antibodies. The company said in its statement that the first phase of research would explore the safety of the drug and its ability to tolerate admitted patients in the hospital.

The company said that if the trial is successful, it will be launched in the market soon. The company has prepared this medicine within just three months of taking blood sample from a patient who has recovered from corona. LY-CoV555 is the first medicine designed to eradicate the corona virus. The structure of the spike protein of the corona virus can be neutralized through this drug. With the drug LY-CoV555, the corona virus will not reach the healthy cells of the body nor will they be harmed. The company said that antibodies were taken from the blood samples of the first patient who had recovered from the corona virus in the US. The patient had lung related discomfort. The drug is made from antibodies based on the same.

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