America slams Russian corona vaccine, says, 'It is not even good for monkeys'

Aug 15 2020 10:31 AM
America slams Russian corona vaccine, says, 'It is not even good for monkeys'

Washington: While Russia has launched the Coronavirus vaccine on the one hand, the US is still not ready to accept it. Meanwhile, news has come that the US has ridiculed Russia's vaccine Sputnik-V. With this said that it will not test this medicine even on monkeys, humans are very far away. According to a CNN report, the Russian vaccine is considered half incomplete in the US, so the vaccine was never taken seriously.

White House press secretary Kayle McNee said that President Donald Trump has been told about the Russian vaccine. He said that the American vaccine has to undergo rigorous testing and high standards of third phase. Russian officials said that Russia is ready to share information related to the Coronavirus vaccine with the US.

Russia also said that it has also agreed to allow American pharmaceutical companies to manufacture Russian vaccines in the US as well. Russia also claimed that some US pharmaceutical companies were interested in finding out about the Russian vaccine, although it did not disclose the names of the firms. A Russian official said that America should seriously consider acquiring the Russian vaccine to save people's lives.

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