US President Donald Trump's funny video goes viral
US President Donald Trump's funny video goes viral

On Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tore the copy of President Donald Trump's speech after the state speech. Photographs and the entire video of his speech being torn down became quite viral on social media.

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According to media reports, when Donald Trump arrived at the House for the State of Union Speech, he gave a copy of his speech to the House Speaker and another copy to Nancy Pelosi. Meanwhile, Nancy put her hand forward to join hands with him, but Trump ignored it and did not shake hands with Nancy. After this, the gesture of Nancy's face changed slightly. After handing over the copy of his speech to the two, they started addressing the Trump House, they finished their speech from the stage. After this, speaker Nancy Pelosi linked the speeches of his pages together and cut it into two pieces. As Nancy was standing behind Trump, this entire incident was captured on camera. Trump was asking the stage to take the country forward. He said all sorts of things while targeting opponents. Nancy also got some of these things bad.

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During Trump's speech, it is also seen that Pelosi is seen biting her lips at times, which seems that she is resisting and does not feel comfortable there. Trump keeps bragging about the policy achievements from the stage there. Nancy has fought to get a law passed and President Trump has tried not to approve it, since then the distance between the two is visible. This news has been carried in detail on the DailyMail website.

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