Bride was very happy about her wedding and on the other hand her fiance was raping her friend!

Oct 09 2019 03:00 PM
Bride was very happy about her wedding and on the other hand her fiance was raping her friend!

Tales of crime coming today surprise everyone. In such a case, the case that has recently surfaced is that of Poconos of America. In this case, just two days before the wedding, a man has allegedly raped the bride's friend and according to media reports, the man committed the crime with the bride's friend at the wedding event. According to the information received, "The bride's friend was drunk at the time and in the same condition the groom took advantage of her and allegedly sexually assaulted her."

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According to a media report that surfaced, "The incident happened on the night of August 30, during a pre-wedding party. Before the party, relatives and friends did rafting, paddling and got drunk near the Delaware River. In this disgusting crime, the groom has been accused of doing sexual intercourse without consent." In this case, the Pennsylvania State Police framed the charges based on the information received from the phone messages of both the victim woman and the accused and from the phone calls."

Let me tell you all, on the morning of the wedding, the young man once again apologized to the victim and he said, "I want to apologize once again for everything." Can we not be happy for the bride today? We must close that chapter completely, leaving the mistakes behind. I am really happy to marry her (bride). ''

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With this, the young man also allegedly advised the girl to take contraception under Plan B. When investigators recorded the call between the young man and the victim girl on 2 September, in this call, he confessed that the two did not have sex, but whatever happened, it was his fault and he said that He is very sorry for this. ”According to a report that surfaced in this case, the groom got bail from the court on a bail of $ 100,000.

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