Russian ship narrowly escaped after collision with US ship in Arabia
Russian ship narrowly escaped after collision with US ship in Arabia

Washington: Earlier, the Pentagon has accused that the Russian Navy took an aggressive stand in the Arabian Sea on Friday, January 10, 2020. A Russian Navy vessel had reached close to hit the destroyer ship of the US Navy. The Russian ship ignored the warning of hitting the USS Farragut and came very close before turning.

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According to sources, the 5th fleet of the US Navy has said that this vessel barely survived hitting. The US Navy has released video footage of the incident. The statement said, "Although the Russian ship acted actively, it initially delayed to follow international regulations. It took an aggressive attitude which increased the risk of collision.'

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The Russian ship is moving rapidly towards the American warship. Ignored international maritime signals to avoid the risk of collision. Investigations are also being conducted that the US warship USS Abraham Lincoln is stationed in the area under an attack group affiliated with the aircraft carrier. The warship has been deployed in West Asia after escalating tensions with Iran last year.

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