Soybean oil is very effective for the brain, know the amazing benefits
Soybean oil is very effective for the brain, know the amazing benefits

Washington: Recently, soybean oil has been used extensively in food. A team of researchers including one Bharatvanshi have found in the study that this oil can also have an effect on the brain. Consumption of soybean oil has already found the risk of not only obesity and diabetes but also problems like autism, Alzheimer's and depression.

For your information, let us tell you that according to researchers from California University of America, a study conducted on mice has found a clear effect of soybean oil on the hypothalamus part of the brain. It is also being said that many important processes including secretion of hormones take place in this part of the brain. Researchers found about 100 genes affected by soybean oil. Researcher Poonamjot Deol said, 'This result of the study can help in making healthy oil. I advise people to use less soybean oil.

Alcohol can change the structure of the brain: Everyone is aware of the damage caused by alcohol from the information received from the sources. Many health problems can arise due to its consumption. At the same time it is also being said that drinking too much alcohol can change the structure or functionality of the brain. According to the researchers, with the intention of devising new treatments for the increasing dependence on alcohol, many parts of the brain were not noticed before. Olivier George, Associate Professor at UC San Diego School of Medicine, USA, said, "While there has been significant progress in neuroscience regarding addiction, understanding about brain circuits, neurotransmitters and the prefrontal cortex remains limited." Our results confirmed that these parts of the brain are very important in relation to addiction.

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