America shows mirror to Iran, says 'You stone hang homosexual'
America shows mirror to Iran, says 'You stone hang homosexual'

Washington: On the one hand, violent protests are going on in the police custody of black American George Floyd in Minneapolis, USA. On the other hand, a verbal war has started between US Secretary of State and Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif on Twitter. The Foreign Minister of Iran attacked the Minneapolis incident, writing that for some people, black people have no value, for whom it matters that they have to fight against this long-running racial bias. This is the time when the whole world stands against it.

In response, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted on his official Twitter handle that, in your country, homosexuals are hanged, women are stoned and Jews are destroyed. It is noteworthy that a black man named George Floyd was killed in police custody in the US on Monday. However, a video related to this is going viral in which the black man is shown murdered by the police. Thousands of people are protesting against this murder in violation of curfew in Minneapolis.

The new phase of unrest began following Minnesota Governor Tim Walz's statement on Friday that he said he would take more stringent action than before. However, a case was filed on Friday morning against a white officer accused of the murder of George Floyd, who knelt the black man Floyd's throat for nine minutes. Even after this, people's anger is not getting cold. Officer Derek Chauvin (44) has been booked for third degree murder and human slaughter.


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