'American Idol': Disney-themed Mother's Day to be front-runner
'American Idol': Disney-themed Mother's Day to be front-runner

The ABC singing competition reached the finish line on Sunday in the final episode of the season. Because four contestants were eliminated and the top 7 were revealed. While there, one of those singers stood outside. Francisco Martin, the 19-year-old son of Filipino immigrants, has judges and judges from the very beginning. That's where Luke Bryan called him "front-runner" in February, and the San Francisco native has earned millions of views on YouTube for his performance. In addition, Martin continued to impress during Sunday's third episode of Live.

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Each of the top 7 were asked to dedicate one Disney song and the other song to their mother. While there, the college student began with a charismatic rendition of Phil Collins's "You Will Be My Heart," from Disney's "Tarzan", which Lionel Richie praised as a "change" for the humble Martin. Brian say "You were like the king of the jungle and the king of 'American Idol'," while the singer, who also writes the original song, then moved on to the stirring cover of Leon Bridges' "River", which Katy Perry is praised for her self-expression.

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Perry said, "This set of Mother's Day songs really set the pack apart, showing who deserves that top spot." She added, "You making it tough for the other contestants, because this performance was so soulful and beautiful and genuine". Brian said" I think they beat the actual record, we've heard that song so many times. From the first note, I'll buy that performance right now." Simultaneously Richie concluded: "The thing I love the most is your confidence front and center, you are no longer in your head. Congratulations, because you have a career and that is what matters most, American Idol."

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