Plumber gets Rs 4.5 crore in bathroom

If you have luck, you are like a plumber! Now, you must be wondering why we are saying that. So we're going to tell you the reason. Yes, in fact, the case we are going to tell you about is that of Texas in the United States (America). Something happened to a plumber who came to work (Plumbing) in the bathroom of the church here that made everyone lose consciousness. In fact, according to a report on a well-known website, the incident took place in Texas, U.S.A., where a plumber named Justice was repairing the church bathroom wall.

Meanwhile, Justin Cauley realized that there was something inside the wall. He then received around Rs 4.5 crore when the plaster on the wall was removed. At first, he was surprised and wondered how this could happen. But then Justin honestly decided that he would not take the money. According to a report by a well-known website, the money was stolen from the church in 2014. The investigating agencies had also placed a reward of Rs 3 lakh to find the money, but there was no trace of the money or the thief.

Justin Cauley now received the huge amount and returned the money to the church instead of keeping it with him. Happy after that, the church gave him Rs 15 lakh as a reward. This is not the first case, but something similar had happened to Scotty Thomas, who lives in North Carolina, USA (America), where the man had accidentally bought two lotteries (Lottery) tickets. But when the lottery opened, he won about 5.5 crore rupees.

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