Amitabh Bachchan regrets for not keeping his promises as politician
Amitabh Bachchan regrets for not keeping his promises as politician

Big B known for his words made by him. But he reveals some fact about days of active presence in politics.Some years back, when megastar Amitabh Bachchan was actively participated in politics, he made some promises to the people of Allahabad constituency but failed to fulfill that promises. He stills regret about it and said, " he regrets not fulfilling the promises".

In 1984, he won Allahabad seat and won by a huge margin. He resigned after three years of political career, thus had very short political period. "I mostly think of it because there are many promises that one makes during an election campaign, when you seek votes from people. My inability to keep those promises hurts. If there is anything that I regret then it is that".

He added, "I made a lot of promises to the city of Allahabad and to its people but I wasn't able to fulfill them." Also, "I try to do whatever I can in any social capacity but I know it is something that people of Allahabad will always hold against me,"

He considered his joining of politics an emotional decision but later realized his fault, saying that,"I think my decision was emotional. I wanted to go and help a friend, but when I went there and got into it. I realised that it has nothing to do with emotions. I realised that I am incapable of doing it and so, I left." On asking if that decision ruin his friendship with the Gandhi family, He said, "I don't think it cost me at all. Friendship is not lost at all."

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