Death anniversary: Powerful dialogues of Amjad Khan
Death anniversary: Powerful dialogues of Amjad Khan

Actor Amjad Khan, who ruled millions of hearts with the best acting in the 70s and 80s in Hindi cinema, passed away today in 1992. Actor Amjad Khan is also known as Gabbar Singh in Bollywood. His son-in-court in the important film Sholay was also immortalized. Not only Sholay's Amjad Khan film, whose dialogues have become so popular, he has made a big splash on the film screen with his dialogues in many other films. So let us know on the death anniversary of Amjad Khan about his brilliant dialogue in films...

Arrey oh Sambha ... kitna inaam rakhe hai sarkar ham par?
Film - Sholay (1975)

Dialogue: Kitney aadmi the?

Film - Sholey (1981)

Dialogue: Daulat ka pedh jab bhi ughta hai ... paap ki zameen mein hi ughta hai
Film - Kaliya

Dialogue- Is pistol mein teen zindagi, teen maut bandh hai ... dekhen kisse kya milta hai
Film- Sholey

Dialogue: Main tumhe Kashmir se baghakar, Jammu mein girakar, Delhi mein uthakar, Bhopal mein ghumakar, Madras mein nachakar, Kanyakumari mein thokar maarkar … Lanka ke samundar mein phek doonga
Film- Himmat wala

Dialogue: Che goli aur aadmi teen ... bahut nainsaafi hai yeh
Film - Sholay (1975)

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