An all in one ace Musician, Blogger and Journalist Shahadat Hossainn

Everyone has unique skills and talents, and that is what makes each one of us special. People have skills in areas such as playing an instrument, being a blogger, being artistic, acting, singing, and many more. People realize their talents at different stages in their lives. Giving back to the community by sharing the skill they have is what makes the difference. Everyone has at least one thing they are really good at. When each of us brings our individual talents together, the world becomes a masterpiece painting.

One such name is Shahadat Hossainn from Narsingdi, Bangladesh. A young talent who believes in multitasking. As like his citizenship, he is a Bangladeshi Portuguese citizen this multi  tasker is a multi talented artist as well. He is an entrepreneur, a journalist, a musician and a blogger. He does many things, but thinks  that much more needs to be done. He tells himself  that this is not enough. His mind forces him to think that he is a multi talented profession, as he focuses more and more on his goals crossing all the hurdles that comes his way.

Shahadat is someone that makes you want to make a change in your life for the better; or, someone who pushes you or sets an example. Or someone that makes you think about your life and how or why you want to change it. He is a true inspiration for people who want to persuade their career in any of this field. 

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