Forest guard put King Cobra in his neck, video goes viral

Sep 10 2019 05:07 PM
Forest guard put King Cobra in his neck, video goes viral

Doing any act with a snake can outweigh you. If they are imprisoned like this, then you can also be punished. Just recently, a video is going viral on social media. On September 8 i.e. Sunday, a video of a forest guard of West Bengal with King Cobra is going viral. In this video, the forest guard holds the face of a king cobra in his hands and his companions present there are seen taking pictures. The video of this is going viral.

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After this video goes viral, an investigation is being done against forest guards for tampering and harming wildlife. According to the information, last Thursday night, forest employees of the Lankapara range under Jaldapara National Park (JNP) in Alipurduar district, about 690 km from Kolkata, got the news of seeing the King Cobra in a village bordering the border. After this, the forest staff there caught a ten-meter long snake and left it from the village to the middle of the forest.

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Along with this, before leaving the snake, a forest guard made a video wearing a snake-like a garland around his neck and took pictures. After these pictures went viral, the attention of the department officials went to it. After which they are investigating this video. It is not right to disturb any creature in such a way, for which punishment can also be given.

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