An epitome of success and motivation in the film and modeling industry: Shweta Kothari

“Don't settle for average. Bring your best to the moment. Then, whether it fails or succeeds, at least you know you gave all you had.” —Angela Basset

The abovementioned quote is a befitting description of the type of person Shweta Kothari resembles. Her success story is a tale of relentlessness, an undying desire to keep trying unless she got what she wanted to do in her life. Shweta Kothari always aspired to be a part of the film industry but was never fixated on doing one thing. She is an actor, a model, a producer, and an exemplar figure in Bollywood. Despite achieving so much in such a short time, Shweta Kothari doesn't have any plans for resting or taking a backseat.

She says, " Unfortunately human life has a fixed timeframe and I cannot afford to waste it on sulking or relaxing, at least for now. It takes immense passion to mold yourself and to rest is to decimate all that hard work in an instant. I am lucky enough to have experienced such a variety of job profiles in the industry and be extremely close to all the glamour and limelight. The perception of a model is a very easy job but when I practiced for my first ever contest, I got to know how much effort it takes to set foot on the stage and look enchanting to the audience."

Shweta Kothari is also the co-founder of Namoh Motion Pictures and oversees the projects while adding her unique approach to the production. Her studio has created numerous regional and mainstream song videos in multiple languages, which have garnered millions of views on YouTube. She recently acted as the female lead in the song "Tumpe Marna hai" produced by ZEE Music which received a heartwarming reception from the fans. It crossed a million views in a very short timeframe which catapulted her fan following even more. Shweta Kothari has bagged two international modeling titles including Mrs. India and Mrs. India Universe for her grace and panache and has also won the 'Best Female Producer of Gujarat" for her efforts in the production and development of short films and music videos. These awards act as a reminder of her correct choices and that the effort bears fruits, sooner or later. Currently, Shweta Kothari is engrossed in multiple production ventures and is polishing her acting skills.

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