An inspirational personality breaking through as country’s best- HM Alvee Hasan

At just 19 years of age, HM Alvee Hasan is putting his best foot forward so that he can bring name and fame not only to himself but also to his home country. HM Alvee Hasan believes that people often still think to be a backward or underdeveloped country. However, the fact is that it offers several of the world experts in a wide range of industries. For example, HM Alvee Hasan himself is a multi-talented persona- not only is he a writer, musical composer, singer as well as producer but also has a lot of experience in the fields of digital marketing and social media marketing.

HM Alvee Hasan discovered his passion for music and all things connected to it when he was just 17. His parents were under the impression that it was just a phase during his teenage years. However, HM Alvee Hasan proved his passion and took his career forward when he began creating music professionally just a year later. However even before he had discovered this side to himself HM Alvee Hasan had learnt about his passion for digital marketing and online content creation. Although a profitable career path, there are not many who are able to succeed in this. 

If there is one thing that HM Alvee Hasan has learnt it is that hard work and determination always pay off. Even more important than being talented is to understand how to improve yourself and your work. HM Alvee Hasan has successfully capitalised on his ability to demonstrate change. Also, he is of the opinion that your failures are just stepping stones to success. By learning from past mistakes rather than letting them bring you down HM Alvee Hasan said that he has imbibed several lessons and improvement tactics. HM Alvee Hasan urges others who wish to make a name for themselves to also keep up this humble attitude as there is always going to be someone or something from whom they can learn and grow. 

“It is better to work hard during the days of your youth and make the most of your time so that you can reap the benefits of your hard work later on in life", adds HM Alvee Hasan. Being a digital marketer as well as a musical artist are both challenging industries and HM Alvee Hasan has had to go through his own share of ups and downs. By following this mantra HM Alvee Hasan has been able to overcome several of the hurdles in his journey towards success.

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