An interview with Rudhrah Gourav Founder Director- Hoursofnews where he expounds his vision of Entreprenurial success !

Jun 21 2020 10:42 AM
An interview with Rudhrah Gourav Founder Director- Hoursofnews where he expounds his vision of Entreprenurial success !

Rudhrah Gourav , at the young age of 25 is today acknowledged as a power house of expertise and talent. A youngster who dons and juggles several hats successfully — “digitalpreneur” Celebrity Manager, Social media influencer and the Founder Director, of Hours of News a highly popular and credible news website.

May we request you to introduce yourself to the readers?

I started off with the focus of being an entrepreneur and making a mark for myself in any venture I undertook and I am blessed that till now whatever I have taken up has brought me a lot of recognition and given me immense satisfaction. My journey so far has been very eventful.

I am Rudhrah Gourav according to the public figure, however, my actual Real name is Gourav Sharma .I was born on 28th February in Rupnagar, Punjab and completed my education from IT Punjab. They say that nothing works better for a budding entrepreneur more than inspiration and a role model, it holds very true in my case too. My elder brother Rudrah Keshav was already an established entrepreneur with an immensely successful e commerce site, headquartered in the USA — MWOOP so he was my inspiration and role model. My passion for the digital space and my love for technology saw us both join forces to set up Media officers together, of which I was the co-founder.

Our company Media Officers caters to both National and International clients including the USA and UK amongst others. We have significant global work which includes many International clients. Through specialised marketing efforts and the latest developments in SEO, PPC, and ORM techniques we transform an ordinary business into a brand. Our company also engages in delivering excellence in marketing activities like copywriting, videos, podcasts & even traditional forms of marketing to cater to all the needs & requirements of our clients. Our gamut of services includes promotional work & activities, online marketing work, facilitating building rapports with prospective clients, web designing as well as managing mobile apps .These services go a long way in making our clients’ online presence stronger, increasing their leads, giving them a boost in their fan & follower base across all online platforms. Till now I have personally worked with over 1500 celebrities, companies & also influencers.

Spurred on by this success, I then carried the same passion forward and set up my latest venture HoursofNews as its Founder Director. I am happy to say that it is considered a “ go to “credible source for all latest news and updates on the National, Lifestyle, Entertainment and Technology segments.

In your opinion what are the factors that have contributed to your early success?

I would rank my determination to transform the digital media space with my “out of the box “and innovative thinking as the prime contributor to my early success. I began my foray into the world of digital marketing in 2015 immediately after I received my college degree.

I lay a lot of emphasis on honing and upgrading one’s skills continuously. The digital world is changing by the minute with the incorporation of new ideas and practices, and if one has to be successful, one has to be well informed and abreast of all new developments. Investment in yourself to develop and upgrade your skills and knowledge is of vital importance and I do that very meticulously.

A blend of internal qualities and conducive external factors are integral to early success. The internal qualities can comprise passion, dedication, knowledge. The external environment can be gauged and opportunities can be utilised, you can draw on your sources of inspiration and imbibe best practices in your venture. If you as an entrepreneur set your mind on achieving success early and consciously blend the internal and external factors as outlined above, there is no stopping you from meeting early success.

I would take a moment here to mention that apart from what I did on the professional front to achieve success; life on the personal front has also not been easy. I was not born with a silver spoon and came from a very humble background , I came for a middle class working family, my father Satish Sharma is an Electronics Engineer and my mother Mukesh Lata, a home maker. I have seen many ups and downs in my life but we have as a family emerged stronger and happier at the end of it. I am truly blessed to have the love, togetherness and guidance of my elder brother Rudhrah Keshav and the blessings and support of my parents. This has also been a major influencing factor in my success.

What are the challenges that you have encountered till date and how have you overcome them?

When one sets out on a career journey, challenges are an integral part of it. I guess, preparedness to face any obstacles that a challenge may pose and the will to overcome it with ease is what sets apart any entrepreneur and a successful entrepreneur. I was well armed with my technical knowledge and its’ constant up gradation to keep pace with the rapid development and transformation in technology. So I did away with any challenge that I met either in terms of technology or personal challenges by being prepared for them and overcoming them with my skills and personal resolve and will power. I strongly believe that when you meet challenges in life, just face them head on bravely and learn from your experiences.

What is your message to budding entrepreneurs?

I would like to tell them to start with a clear vision and a razor sharp focus. They must have a great clarity of their objectives and how to achieve them in a step by step planned manner. They must never be complacent about their success once they receive it, because achieving success is comparatively easier than sustaining it. One must work relentlessly towards sustaining success by devising new strategies and methods and constantly up grading and honing one’s skills. At the same time one must always be humble and display gratitude for all that they have in life.

With such profound thoughts and exemplary actions, it is no wonder then that Rudhrah Gourav continues to lead by example and has emerged as a role model for many entrepreneurs to emulate.

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