Ana De is working in this biopic.

Netflix has released the first teaser of Blonde, which is based on the life of marilyn monroe, a controversial star, featuring Ana De Armas in the role of the movie icon. You are going to like the teaser of this Netflix film in a flash. Marilyn's character, her image was such that the one who met her, could not live without being impressed. In this teaser you will get to see a glimpse of that Merlin.  

Blonde's promising teaser: At the beginning of the teaser, Ana De says, 'Please come, don't leave me', then another person says - 'She's coming'. After which Merlin's iconic moment has been shown very beautifully. Merlin's flying skirt surrounded by lights, cameras and journalists, photographers. Oops...  Hardly anyone has forgotten this moment. How powerful can this film on Marilyn Monroe prove to be? This is being gauged from this teaser itself.  


The blond's scripting and direction is done by Dominik, based on the novel written by Joyce Carol Oate. This movie has also made a medicine to show the real and reel life of the famous and legendary actor-model Marilyn Monroe in Hollywood. How Munro used to turn into a confident and gleaming star as soon as she applied makeup, everyone knew how much she enjoyed the limelight.   Apart from De Armas, the film  will also feature Adrian Brody, Bobby Canavale, Casper Phillipson, Evan Williams, Toby Huss, Julian Nicholson, Lily Fisher, Sarah Paxton, David Warshoffsky, Xavier Samuel, Michael Masini, playing pivotal roles. The film will release in September 2023.  

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