Anand Gupta turning his dreams into reality with hardwork

Jul 31 2020 09:19 AM
Anand Gupta turning his dreams into reality with hardwork

Unlike any other teen who is just involved in confusion, dilemma, attractions and distractions, heartbreaks, career planning and higher studies and much more, this teen had already marked his presence in the flamboyant world of modelling. 

He is just 17, but has rocked the social media with his awestruck shots. Anand Gupta from New Delhi is doing his schooling and also pursuing what he's passionate about.

He has been passionate about photography and having a full built body. He has been a dreamer and involved himself into gymming and bodybuilding. He started with clicking mesmerizing pictures of animals and magnificent scenes of nature. As it's always said you never know when and where does destiny may take you, as God jas already planned for you, the paths turned over for him.whem he started clicking himself. Awestruck shots of the full shaped body and killing looks gathered attention from all around. He just dreamt of taking his name to greater heights. 

With winning many competitions at this early age, he has already gone way too ahead in the field of modelling by leaps and bounds. 

He is a foodie by heart. He also loves to spend a good family time. He loves to enjoy some  thrilling  bike rides. Spending time at his Gym is his all time favorite go to thing.Tasting suc cess so early has not changed  normal streaks of a teenager.

Check out his amazing profiles on Social Media

Instagram- @anandgupta008

Facebook- @anandgupta008

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