Worship Lord Vishnu on Anant Chaturdashi in this way

Sep 09 2019 06:07 PM
Worship Lord Vishnu on Anant Chaturdashi in this way

Chaturdashi of Shuklapaksha of Bhadrapad month is celebrated as Anant Chaturdashi, in this case, this time it will be celebrated on September 12. At the same time, along with fasting on this day in the scriptures, there is a law of worshipping the infinite form of Lord Vishnu and the formula has great importance in the worship of Anant Chaturdashi. It is said that this infinite formula is prepared by soaking a thread of yarn in turmeric and applying 14 knots and holding it in the hands or neck. At the same time, in every knot, the worship of Shri Narayana is done, first of which Anant, then Rishikesh, Padmanabha, Madhav, Vaikunth, Sridhar, Trivikram, Madhusudan, Vamana, Keshav, Narayan, Damodar, and Govind are worshipped. It is believed that by tying this infinite formula, a person keeps away from every suffering and the person who methodically worships Shri Hari on this day gets rid of all sins. With this, Ganesh immersion takes place on this day.

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Worship Method - On this day, one should put Kusha and then put a beautiful lotus on it and then apply, floral, intact, incense-lamp, etc., in front of the idol or picture of Lord Vishnu, by placing a string of cotton dyed with saffron, roli and turmeric. After that, you should offer sweet food etc. and wear the sutra while meditating to God. It is said that this thread is believed to be pleasing to Lord Vishnu and to give eternal fruit and on this day reciting Sri Vishnu Sahastranama Stotra can be very good. With this, people also get Satyanarayana narrated in their homes on this day.

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Pandavas worshipped Lord Vishnu - According to a legend in Mahabharata, when the Kauravas defeated the Pandavas in gambling with deceit. After this, the Pandavas had to renounce their kingship and go to exile. There he suffered a lot. when Lord Sri Krishna came to the forest to meet the Pandavas, Yudhishthira asked him what is the solution to get out of this suffering and get the gazette again. Then Shri Krishna said that all of you, including your brother and wife, should observe the fast of Bhadra Shukla Chaturdashi and worship the eternal God. On this, Yudhishthira expressed curiosity about the eternal God, then Krishna Ji said that he is a form of Lord Vishnu. In Chaturmas, Lord Vishnu lives in an infinite bed on the bed of Sheshnag. Their beginning and end are not known, hence they are called infinite. Worshipping them will end all your troubles. Then Yudhishthira, along with the family, observed this fast and he again got the regent of Hastinapur.

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