#AndThatsWhyIHateFacebook in trends, Users Explain Why 'They Hate Facebook' on Twitter

Jul 28 2019 10:16 AM
#AndThatsWhyIHateFacebook in trends, Users Explain Why 'They Hate Facebook' on Twitter

Facebook has been the target of people since last year following the Cambridge Analytica incident. Since last year's data privacy leak incident, users around the world have been showing their anger against Facebook. Since this morning, the #AndThatsWhyIHateFacebook hashtag has been trending in the top trend on Twitter. More than 17 thousand Tweets have been made so far in which users are tweeting against social networking platform Facebook. This trend is trending not only in India but also in world wide. Let's know the full details

Most users are tweeting about the privacy issue of this platform with #AndThatsWhyIHateFacebook hashtags. In addition, some users are tweeting about Facebook's algorithm updates, community standards, and other hassles. Users are also tweeting about it. Users' frequent tweets have made #AndThatsWhyIHateFacebook top trend on hashtags. Let's see what users have tweeted with this hashtag.

For your information, a Twitter user who tweeted with #AndThatsWhyIHateFacebook wrote, "This is because a large amount of government data-gathering information is mostly reported to the platform by people knowingly or unknowingly. A Twitter user named Gratchen Lynn, questioning the Facebook Community Standard, wrote, "I've been in Facebook jail for the past 30 days because The word 'cracker' I used in comments a year ago has been blocked by me as a hate speech. Similarly, many more users have raised their voices against Facebook and are putting their voices on Twitter through #AndThatsWhyIHateFacebook hashtag.

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