Andhra Government takes crucial decisions regarding elections
Andhra Government takes crucial decisions regarding elections

Till date, there are no indications that local body elections will be held in Andhra Pradesh now. As the old ordinance regarding elections is coming to an end, it is known that Jagan Sarkar has issued another ordinance. The Supreme Court, however, clarified that the two ordinances were invalid on the same issue. With this, the government thought about what to do and took another crucial decision. A decision was taken to extend exclusive rule in local bodies/municipalities. A notification was issued on Thursday night in this regard.

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The government has issued edicts extending the rule of special officers in municipalities and corporations in the state. It extended the rule of exclusives in a total of 108 corporations, municipalities and city panchayats. The rule of these dictators will continue until December 31 or the formation of the ruling class. In the notification, it was clarified that in special circumstances, the rule of special officers will be in force in Srikakulam district till October 10. A similar decision was made in the municipalities. 

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The municipality has clarified that it is issuing a notification after the Election Commission postponed the local body elections due to the coronavirus. The government has stated that it will not run in the by-elections. Based on this, it is clear that local body elections will not be held in AP in the next four to six months. The election process of local bodies is bound to have difficulties with the ordinance. The new ordinance was issued when the old ordinance expired. Legal experts have clarified that the ordinance is invalid as per the Supreme Court judgment. It is said that the notification of local body elections issued on the basis of the old ordinance is also invalid.

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