Andhra Pradesh: Child missing from Guntur government hospital, found

A four-month-old baby who had slept with her grandparents went missing from the Guntur government hospital on Friday night. According to the information, a woman Priyanka gave birth to a child four days ago. When she was sleeping in the ward, Priyanka's mother took the child out of the ward and made her sleep with her. However, when she got up, she found that the child was not with her.

After confirming that the child was missing, he complained to the hospital administration. Police was also informed who reached the hospital and on the basis of the CCTV footage, it was found that the boy was kidnapped by the hospital staff. According to the police, Hema Vernudu kidnapped the child and handed it over to a woman named Padma."

He said that the ward boy had an extramarital affair with the woman. The duo hid the child near Nehru Nagar in Guntur, which was later recovered by the police. 1. Police of Motilal Nagar has arrested both the persons and sent them to jail and registered a case.

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