Andrea Biundo raises the curtain about people’s perception of fitness and bodybuilding

Being healthy is not just about flaunting a chiselled physique, but it is more about paying attention to the overall lifestyle. However, in today’s time, the fascination with bodybuilding is trending across the world. Before stepping into the field of bodybuilding, it is important to pay attention to overall health. Imbibing knowledge about fitness and bodybuilding, Andrea Biundo is the ultimate guide for all fitness enthusiasts. 

By profession, Andrea is a B787 pilot, but his inclination towards fitness saw him get into bodybuilding. The fitness expert is an IFBB Pro League Bodybuilding Athlete in the men’s physique category. Being in this industry for years, he has been a personal trainer and a guide to thousands of people who want to make a prospering career in the fitness industry. While the world looks at the aesthetic physique, Andrea throws light on the significance of improving internal health first. 

Sharing his views about the same, the fitness trainer said, “People must focus on boosting their immunity by consuming the right kind of nutrition. The aesthetic physique can be achieved after a person pays proper attention to boost overall health. Merely taking shortcuts by including supplements and anabolics in the routine might have complications in the long run.” Furthermore, Andrea emphasized the need for consuming nutrition that has high protein value. According to him, the best source of protein can be achieved from organic food like meat and fish. 

“Bodybuilders are trained under the supervision of experts. If you see any bodybuilder, they have a disciplined routine and make sure that their internal health is strong to support the external supplements”, Biundo added. Giving a piece of advice to all the new-age fitness aficionados, Andrea revealed to not take shortcuts to have long-term complications. More so, he says clean food, proper sleep and a regular workout is enough for any layman to stay fit and healthy. 

Not just a fitness coach, but Andrea is also an entrepreneur. He owns Bang Nutrition, a vitamin and supplement brand. On the other hand, he is an Executive Director of Empro Wear, an Italian apparel brand for all athletes. Apart from this, Andra Biundo is even training his students virtually and has conducted an array of webinars and sessions on fitness and bodybuilding. With a dream to become Mr. Olympia, Andrea is leaving no stone unturned and is working hard towards achieving his goal. 

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