Andrew Garfield said something shocking while praising Tom Holland

Hollywood actor Andrew Garfield has been in the news for his latest release movie 'Tick Tick Boom'. His movie 'Tick Tick Boom' performance is receiving a lot of appreciation. Andrew played the role of an obsessive musician in the film. Andrew is the same actor who played Spiderman. When he was asked about the new spiderman Tom Holland, he favoured him a lot by calling Tom a great spiderman. The role of Tom Marvel's new Spiderman has not been seen for the past few years.

Andrew Garfield has also spoken to the left of many things while talking about himself and Tom Holland in the middle of an interview. In the middle of Nova's Smallzy's Surgery Podcast interview, he revealed how he met Tom Holland again after many years. Continuing, Andrew said that he had not attended any party for the past 2 years. He has said, "It's nice to get out, it's cute. When asked about other celebs he met at the party, he mentioned this in the interview.

Garfield tells Tom a great actor: According to media reports, Andrew Garfield went on to say, "I met another person there whom I love very much. Tom Holland." Talking about Tom Holland's work and his behaviour, Andrew said, "I'm very excited about what's going to happen next in his movie. He is a very great actor and also a great spiderman. In fact, there have been many theories about Marvel's upcoming Spider-Man series that say Andrew could also be seen. While Andrew has denied that he is part of the film.

Many villains are set to appear in Spiderman's new film: Tom Holland's 'Spiderman: No Way Home' is slated to release on December 17. This movie tells about a multi-universe. In which the villains of the entire time zone come together. Dr Strange is also scheduled to appear in Tom's movie. He is the one who gets him into this trouble and then he is the one who gets him out of this trouble. The film is slated to be released in India in English as well as Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Marvel has huge fans in India and India has a big market for his movie.

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