Angelina Jolie's daughter's dance goes viral on social media, everyone is praising her
Angelina Jolie's daughter's dance goes viral on social media, everyone is praising her

The children of Hollywood actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie keep a distance from the limelight. But still, their discussions in the industry are always there. Now a video of Angelina's daughter Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is fast going viral on social media at the moment. In this video, 16-year-old Shiloh can also be seen doing a tremendous dance.

Shiloh did a tremendous dance: In this video, which went viral on social media, Shiloh can see Jolie-Pitt dancing to rapper Doja Cat's song Vegas. Shiloh is running her dance account on YouTube. On the same channel, he has shared his great dance video. Shiloh's moves in the video are worth watching. His dance has also been choreographed by Hamilton Evans.  

In this video, Shiloh is wearing an all black outfit. In it, he carries a t-shirt of the band The Beatles quite cool. The dance video of Shiloh is being loved by the fans. Some users have expressed happiness through the comments and have also praised Shiloh. One user wrote, "I am happy to see that despite being a famous parent, she is able to showcase her talent by herself, and is not taking the help of her parents' success. '

Fans are happy, compliments: Another user wrote, 'You can see that being an artist is in their blood. They have the talent to dance right in. Very natural and expressive. His style is very cool. He did wonders. I'm very happy for them. Another user wrote, "Finally I can see them in the center. It's very natural. You can see that she's meant to dance. '


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