To build relation with brother-in-law, sister-in-law used to mix her blood in food

Feb 12 2020 07:00 PM
To build relation with brother-in-law, sister-in-law used to mix her blood in food

The new case of crime which has come out recently is shocking. The news that has come out of Bihar's Ara, in this case, has shocked everyone. An accused named Arjun, who lives here, has said that 'sister-in-law used to give her daily blood by mixing it with her at the behest of the tantric to maintain a relationship with her. He wanted to end his relationship with his sister-in-law. For this reason, on the night of 22-23 June, after living in a fight with a sister-in-law living in the Narela Industrial area, he was absconded from the spot by attacking her with stone with the intention of killing her.

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In this case, the accused told the police, "My sister-in-law had come to love me a lot and to keep me under control, she started taking tantra-mantra activity at the behest of Sadhu Baba for the last one year to mix her blood and started feeding me in my food. She used to get angry when I refused to do this. I was deeply saddened by his actions, so I did all this." On receiving the news, the Narela police reached the spot and admitted the injured woman to the hospital where her condition remains critical.

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In this case, police say that during the investigation of this case, they found the woman's room written on the empty compartment of a mobile phone with the IMEI number whose number was locked by going to Dehradun after using the mobile phone. After adding several links, the police were able to identify the accused correctly and took him into custody.

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