Anish Singh Thakur's YouTube channel "Booming Bulls" touched the milestone of 1 Million Subscribers

Learning about the stock market is not at all an easy thing; the biggest problem in learning about the stock market is the unavailability of well-structured and organised content on a single platform.

But with Anish's YouTube channel unavailability of well-structured and organised content is no more a problem. Through Booming Bulls YouTube Channel, you can learn everything about trading and finance absolutely free of cost.

The way he simplifies complex concepts and explains them in an easy-to-understand manner is absolutely commendable. Due to his teaching skills and ability to simplify complex concepts of trading, his Youtube Channel is one of the fastest-growing channels in the field of trading and finance. With more than 1M subscribers and  80M+ views in the channel, Anish is reaching more and more people and making them financially independent with his simplified and well-organised trading knowledge.

With the mission of making Indian Youth Financially Independent through correct trading knowledge and principles, Anish Singh Thakur started Booming Bulls in 2019. Every content that he shares on his YouTube contains a lot of valuable learning, and that is the main reason behind the rapid growth of the number of subscribers he has gained within a short period of time.
“We as a team always intend to share more and more knowledgeable trading content with our subscribers. Reaching one million subscribers is just one step toward the mission that we want to accomplish. In the future, we have also planned to make a lot of valuable content for our subscribers that will help them a lot in improving their trading”, says Anish Singh Thakur, Founder & CEO of Booming Bulls Academy.
In addition, Anish provides his market analysis every Sunday on his YouTube channel, which helps thousands of traders. The analysis he provides through YouTube is purely his perspective about the market, not a call or a tip. Apart from trading, Booming Bulls also provide knowledgeable content related to investing strategies, cryptocurrencies, and forex trading, which helps a lot of people who are eager to learn about these topics.
Anish and his team are surely changing many people's lives by sharing valuable content through which they can learn a lot of things about trading and finance. Furthermore, Anish believes that reaching one million subscribers is just a stepping stone toward the long-term mission of positively impacting millions of people through correct trading knowledge and human principles of growth and development.



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