Anita Hassanandani gets a surprised birthday from Rohit Reddy…have a look inside

Apr 15 2019 01:15 PM
Anita Hassanandani gets a surprised birthday from Rohit Reddy…have a look inside

A love brewed between television’s glamorous diva, Anita Hassanandani and her husband, Rohit Reddy. Their chance meeting left her with hopes of the brightest future full of butterflies and rainbows. In a throwback interview, Rohit had talked about their first meeting and how he became the hero of her story. He had shared, “I had seen her in the gym and fell for her stunning Indian looks. Then one day I saw her outside a pub, waiting for her car and decided to approach her. I went like a hero and approached her with the corniest lines she was startled. That was a brief encounter; I followed it up with a message on Facebook. I had no idea she is an actor, as all I ever watched on TV was news. My mom is a TV addict and knew all about her.”

The duo has been married for over six years now and their love has only grown with time. On April 13, 2019, Anita celebrated her 38th birthday, and Rohit made sure it turned out to be her best birthday. He organised a surprise birthday party and it turned out to be the hottest telly town night with all the celebrities under one roof.

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Anita had talked about the moment she knew Rohit is the man of her life, and had revealed, “I used to love drinking in my younger days. This one night I went overboard and got into a fight with Rohit. It was all my mistake. Woke up the next day, apologised to him saying ‘I’m sorry Rohit I’ll give up drinking if you want’. He replied saying, ‘No you don’t have to give up on anything for me. Just try staying in control. You are a public figure, you have to be careful,’ – and that was the moment I knew he’s my man! Who loves me for ME; with all the flaws? He didn’t want me to change a thing for him. It’s been 6 years and the only change in me is that I’m a better, a more positive person. Not only that, I’m more successful than I used to be!”

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